Rio Gallegos – Sea Run Brown Trout Tips and Guided Trips

The crew from Patagonia Flies has recently returned from a wonderful long trip to the Southern Patagonia learning new waters and designing new fly fishing programs.  One of the most amazing rivers we explored again was the Gallegos river with its omnipresent resident brown trout population and elusive sea runs one never knows what to expect at the end of their fly line.  It is a river that commands respect as the winds can blow all day and night making the water dirty and requiring the use of big bright flashy flies, or can be extremely crystal clear calling for the use of long leaders and small nymphs or big skating foam flies.  To create more difficulty lower down the river tide becomes extremely important in tactfully choosing your line weight and type of fly.  With this said, the Gallegos continuelly challanges the angler making it one of our favorite destinations.  We are now happy to introduce  a new guided trip each year to the Gallegos to spend more time on this beautiful river. The trip will be a ten day trip with the option to camp or stay in a hotel and both wade fishing and guided drift trip with a local guide of 28 years fishing the Gallegos. Get ready to crush some fresh sea runs. For more details and dates contact

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  1. excelente amigo !!!! muy buena nota y excelente foto
    que parte de la temporada es la mejor para ir a Gallegos ???? ahi vamos a ir !!!!10 dias de muy buena pesca y compañia


    Bariloche -Patagonia -Argentina

  2. Nice fish brotha. Must have been a screamer.

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