Fly Fishing Dorado – Itati, Corrientes

Fly Fishing for Dorado in northern Argentina is an amazing experience for all anglers. The object of the game is to cast close to the bank or in front of structure such as plants, trees, and rocks which create strong current changes in the massive  Rio Parana. It is here where the golden dorado lie waiting to attack violently at anything that gets in their path.  The fishing requires anglers to cast many times during the day with big flies usually muddler type flies with weighted eyes on a 9 weight floating line with an eight weight rod.  This can be tiring but when it all comes together the reward is a majestic big golden dorado leaping violently in the air multiple times to avoid being brought into the boat something all anglers need to see once in their fishing career. Patagonia flies suggest the master guide Norberto Dalle Nogare (Peto) who is  seen here in the photo below. Peto lives full time in Itati  just minutes from the river and has a great boat and lodging for all who wants to catch some of these incredible fish.  Peto will go above and beyond the call of duty to get you on fish as he is a true explorer having built multiple rafts to learn every inch of these massive waters systems floating from Salta all the way down to Buenos Aires fishing all the way.  For anyone interested in fishing for monster dorado in Itati, Corrientes please contact

peto monster

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  1. I will be in Iguazu the third week of May. Is there a possibility of catching a Dorado there then. Are there guides there?


    COnnie Meskimen

  2. definitely its a great time email me at for more info

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