Bariloche – Fall Lake Run Brown Trout

The Fall run is on. The big fish are finally in the Rio Limay as it was a particularlly dry year with very llittle rain in the last two months. The lake run browns wait near the mouth for higher water and strong winds to make their run down river. Here is beautiful example of a male lake run brown trout caught by Miguel Sanchez yesterday at the magic hour. These fish come out of Lago Nahuel Huapi, which is the huge lake that surrounds the city of Bariloche, and make there way down the Rio Limay to spawn. Nice work Miguel. 

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  1. gracias Alex por el comentario , la verdad fue una tarde increible , ideal , el clima se esta poniendo mas frio pero vale la pena el sacrificio .
    Esta hermosa Marron dio una gran pelea , dos saltos fantasticos …..lucho hasta el final .
    gracias otra vez .


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