Rio Gallegos – Mainland Sea Run Brown Trout

Still one of the better kept secrets for pursuing big sea run brown trout is the Gallegos river located in the Santa Cruz province of Argentina. The Gallegos starts it’s journey in the Andes mountain range in southern Chile at the merging of the Rubens and Penitente rivers. From there it flows 112 miles east […]

Photo – Three Monster Rainbow Trout

The guys from Patagonia Flies recently went to some lakes in Southern Patagonia and caught some monster rainbows. Here is the photo of the week of one of the many triple ups they had on their last trip. They were all caught using single handed rods, shooting heads, and big nasty streamers and safely released […]

Aluminé River – Lanín National Park

With the omnipresent conical volcano Lanín dominating the breathtaking views in all directions it is definitely the centerpiece for this spectacular national park. Located in the province of Neuquén, Argentina with its native patagonian forests and many lakes and rivers it becomes another fly fisherman’s dream playground. Some of the lakes and rivers located in […]

Buenos Aires – Dorado Just An Hour And Half Away

If you happen to be in the city and don’t have time to travel way up north your in luck with some amazing fly fishing for Dorado just an hour and half away from downtown Buenos Aires. In the small town of San Pedro Patagonia Flies brings clients out to some really unknown waterway canals […]

Buenos Aires – Cigar Smoking Lounge And Restaurant

The Casa del Habano has two perfectly located smoking lounges in Buenos Aires, and should be on the must do list while in the big city. One is located right in the heart of Downtown on 677 Reconquista, and the other one located in the fashion district of Palermo on 1920 Thames which is also […]