Photo – Monster Sea Run Brown Trout

The photo of the week was sent to us from our friend Cristian Mammi who caught this beast in Tierra del Fuego during the fall run. Cristian is a professional fly tier and Spey casting instructor here in Argentina and also produces a wonderful magazine with Mariano MorĂ¡n about fly fishing and fly tying.

Esquel – Los Alerces National Park, Dry Fly Paradise

Los Alerces National Park located in the beautiful province of Chubut is world famous for its crystal clear rivers and world class dry fly fishing. The park consist of a complex system of many rivers and interconnected lakes, with huge forests of old growth Alerces which can live more than 3,000 years. Some spectacular rivers […]

Bariloche Fly Fishing – Guide Profile

Bariloche, Argentina is one of the most beautiful fly fishing destinations in the world with unlimited rivers and lakes. If you are looking for a guide to bring you to where the fish are we highly recommend Miguel Sanchez who was born and raised fly fishing these rivers and lakes. He is highly motivated to […]

Photo – Sea Run Brown Trout Release

The Patagonia Flies photo of the week was sent to us from Alejandro Martello who is an incredible fly fishing photographer. He also guided for four years on the Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego Argentina. This spectacular shot portrays a real life perspective of a sea run brown trout ripping through the water back […]

Camping Trips – Patagonia Paradise At Your Doorstep

The National Park Nahuel Huapi with its crystal clear lakes, snow covered mountain peaks, and translucent rivers is an absolute marvel of nature. The name Nahuel Huapi stands for “island of the tiger” in the traditional language Mapuche. It was started by a land donation from Francisco Pascasio Moreno and it is a huge park […]

Travel – Iguazu Falls, Massive Jungle Waterfalls

Iguazu National Park is 55,00 hectares of subtropical rainforest located in Northern Argentina in the province of Missiones shared with Brazil and near the border of Paraguay. It is home to the famous South American Iguazu falls. The geological origins stem from where the lava stopped and cooled in Southern Brazil and the Iguazu river […]

Travel – Patagonia Glaciers, Perito Moreno A Must See

One of the most breathtaking views on this planet, Perito Moreno glacier is located in Southern Argentina in the Santa Cruz Province. This glacier is the third largest freshwater reserve on earth after Antartica and Greenland, and has not retreated in 90 years. This 60 meter high river of ice dams the Brazo Rico of […]

Tierra Del Fuego – Cold and Windy, But Worth It

Tierra del Fuego is an island separated from the mainland by the Straits of Magellan and split between Chile and Argentina. The eastern part of the island is home to the Rio Grande river on the Argentine side famous for world record sea run brown trout and the southernmost city Ushuaia. There are also stretches […]

Photo – Golden Dorado Air Assault

The Photo of the week was taken by Noel Pollak while fly fishing for Dorado. This photo captures the intensity of the Dorado and its strength and capacity to leave the water with such massive force to take out various waterfowl,snakes, small mammals, and any creature that gets in its path; hopefully your fly. Dorado […]

Buenos Aires – Restaurant Recommendation

Manero restaurant just opened this past week and is the Patagoniaflies June restaurant recommendation. It is a short cab ride from downtown and absolutely worth it in all respects. Having one of the best double entry wood burning stoves (hornos de barro) we have ever seen, which creates masterpiece dishes such as their Bondiola and […]