Bariloche – Camping: Day float and Boat trips

If you are planning a trip and would like to come fly fishing in beautiful Patagonia we are now taking reservation for 2012/ 2013 season. Please feel free to contact for all quotes about camping trips, drift trips or boat trips to catch trophy sized trout. We look forward to bringing you to this amazing paradise. See you all on the water.

Fly-Fishing in Patagonia: Guide Book

If anyone is planning a fly fishing trip to Patagonia this guide book is a great read and mandatory resource to have on your journey. Fly-Fishing in Patagonia: A Trout Bum’s Guide to Argentina is written by Patagonia Flies dear friends Barrett Mattison and Evan Jones. The book includes: a general overview, a brief history of fishing in Patagonia, a breakdown of each fishing region, an in-depth description of over 100 waterways, best seasons to fish, logistics for travel, outstanding photographs and much more. If you have always dreamed of fishing Patagonia but weren’t sure where to start, you now have all the information you need to have a safe and successful trip. To purchase guide book click here


Fly Fishing Dorado – Itati, Corrientes

Fly Fishing for Dorado in northern Argentina is an amazing experience for all anglers. The object of the game is to cast close to the bank or in front of structure such as plants, trees, and rocks which create strong current changes in the massive  Rio Parana. It is here where the golden dorado lie waiting to attack violently at anything that gets in their path.  The fishing requires anglers to cast many times during the day with big flies usually muddler type flies with weighted eyes on a 9 weight floating line with an eight weight rod.  This can be tiring but when it all comes together the reward is a majestic big golden dorado leaping violently in the air multiple times to avoid being brought into the boat something all anglers need to see once in their fishing career. Patagonia flies suggest the master guide Norberto Dalle Nogare (Peto) who is  seen here in the photo below. Peto lives full time in Itati  just minutes from the river and has a great boat and lodging for all who wants to catch some of these incredible fish.  Peto will go above and beyond the call of duty to get you on fish as he is a true explorer having built multiple rafts to learn every inch of these massive waters systems floating from Salta all the way down to Buenos Aires fishing all the way.  For anyone interested in fishing for monster dorado in Itati, Corrientes please contact

peto monster

Bariloche: Amazing Guided Drift Trips and Boat Trips

The season started out with lots of snow and cold weather producing some incredible fishing in Bariloche’s lake district with many big beautiful browns being caught on streamers stripped nice and slow using shooting heads of around 250 grams, and also many big fat brook trout. The rainbows are very healthy and seem to prefer more movement and faster stripping of the streamers and they love the brighter colored flies  such as hot pink and purple. The fishing in the rivers has been getting better everyday with warm sun producing mid day hatches and the fish have been becoming more and more aggressive.  The use of huge terrestrials and hoppers flies have been very productive on bringing some monster fish to the surface. Heres a nice brown caught by Gustavo Morales in mid November with Miguel  in one of our favorite lakes here in beautiful Patagonia. The fishing is on fire and only going to get better. For information on booking a trip contact

gustavo for webpage 1

Bariloche Car Rental: Fish and Explore Patagonia

Patagonia is known for its beautiful fly fishing lodges and private water, but there are also endless places that you can go to if you have a car. Within the area one can easily access incredible lakes and rivers all within hours of Bariloche. For example the Rio Limay, Manso, Chimihuin, Malleo, Alumine, Carilfu, Correntoso just to name a few. If you are going fly fishing on your own, or exploring patagonia we are here to help you with the most essential part of your trip. For information and rates contact

Buenos Aires – Guided Dorado Day Trips

Patagonia Flies wanted to thank everyone who joined us for our wonderful fly fishing day trips for dorado here one hour and half away from the big city of Buenos Aires. It really has been a great season and still going. More importantly it was a pleasure getting to meet fly fisherman from all over the world and show them a very unique fishery.  Thanks again and just remember if you are in Buenos Aires, either on business or pleasure, we can be on the water casting to beautiful dorado and be back that night.  For more information on dorado day trips contact

Photo – Santa Cruz Steelhead Argentina

Here is the photo of the week. It seems like its going to be a great fall steelhead run in the Santa Cruz as Patagonia Flies dear friend Rodrigo Amadeo just sent us this photo of a beautiful steelhead fresh out of the Atlantic caught yesterday .  Nice work brother.

Bariloche – Fall Lake Run Brown Trout

The Fall run is on. The big fish are finally in the Rio Limay as it was a particularlly dry year with very llittle rain in the last two months. The lake run browns wait near the mouth for higher water and strong winds to make their run down river. Here is beautiful example of a male lake run brown trout caught by Miguel Sanchez yesterday at the magic hour. These fish come out of Lago Nahuel Huapi, which is the huge lake that surrounds the city of Bariloche, and make there way down the Rio Limay to spawn. Nice work Miguel. 

Rio Gallegos – Sea Run Brown Trout Tips and Guided Trips

The crew from Patagonia Flies has recently returned from a wonderful long trip to the Southern Patagonia learning new waters and designing new fly fishing programs.  One of the most amazing rivers we explored again was the Gallegos river with its omnipresent resident brown trout population and elusive sea runs one never knows what to expect at the end of their fly line.  It is a river that commands respect as the winds can blow all day and night making the water dirty and requiring the use of big bright flashy flies, or can be extremely crystal clear calling for the use of long leaders and small nymphs or big skating foam flies.  To create more difficulty lower down the river tide becomes extremely important in tactfully choosing your line weight and type of fly.  With this said, the Gallegos continuelly challanges the angler making it one of our favorite destinations.  We are now happy to introduce  a new guided trip each year to the Gallegos to spend more time on this beautiful river. The trip will be a ten day trip with the option to camp or stay in a hotel and both wade fishing and guided drift trip with a local guide of 28 years fishing the Gallegos. Get ready to crush some fresh sea runs. For more details and dates contact

Bariloche – Day Trips

If you are in Bariloche, Argentina or planning to go. Patagonia Flies is now offering day trips to all of the surrounding lakes and rivers. For more information contact miguelflyfishing